RETHINK Office: New York offers three ticket categories: corporate tenants, office building owners and service providers. We offer a special, lower rate for those attending as corporate tenants and office building owners. Service providers selecting the incorrect registration category will result in a cancellation and possible exclusion from the conference.

We also offer closed-door roundtables. These are comprised of select leaders who share the same challenges. Sessions are limited to a maximum of 20 participants and are off-the-record with no media or audience. The goal is to share challenges and solutions together to advance the industry. Chaired by an industry veteran, each session will be tasked with addressing a short list of specific challenges. Please contact Claudia Gutwirth at for further information.

There are limited tickets available for each ticket category. Save up to $750 if you register today at the current rate!

NOTE: If the checkout window is not loading, please register at


Conference Production:

Ajna Adams
(646) 701-7982
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Scott Milliken
(646) 862-9912
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Sponsorship & Exhibiting:

Amber Collins
(646) 783-3940
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