RETHINK Office of the Future Summit: Boston

The summit that connects corporate real estate and workplace professionals with
forward-thinking commercial landlords.

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About the Event

The producers of the widely popular RETHINK Office series is pleased to announce its latest event RETHINK Office of the Future: Boston on May 9th, 2018.

This is the only event that brings together forward-thinking corporate occupiers (tenants) with progressive landlords to discuss how workplace mobility is changing the office, which office designs increase productivity and how landlords and tenants can partner to create workspaces that appeal to the new employee mindset.


Why Boston? Why Now?

After two sold out events in New York, we are excited to bring this program to one of the nation’s fast-growing job markets.

With Boston’s alchemy of talent and tech, it has become the testing ground for innovative work spaces.


RETHINK Office of the Future Summit: Boston

Conference Production:

John Ward

(646) 755-3164

Sponsorship & Exhibiting:

Amber Collins

(646) 783-3937

What Makes this Event a Must Attend?

Join Boston’s only one-day event that features both corporate occupiers and landlords together in the spirit of collaboration and innovation

Hear from iconic brands and the talent magnets including GE, Google, Wayfair, Hubspot, Buzzfeed, Tripadvisor on how they are winning the war on talent

Get an inside look at some of the most exciting new office spaces in the country including Boston Landing, The Innovation and Design Building, Bulfinch Crossing and more

Participate in off-the-record roundtables and tackle today’s top workplace issues with your peers

Take part in exclusive site tour of Jamestown’s New Innovation and Design building including a inside look into Reeboks New HQ’s



Tara Carcillo
Chief Executive Officer
The Clearing

Érica Chapman

Erica Chapman
Vice President of Global Real Estate Workplace Productivity
Akamai Technologies


Amrit Chaudhuri
CEO & Co-Founder
Mass Innovation Labs

John Civello

John Civello
VP – Corporate Real Estate & Workplace

John Conley

John Conley
SVP – Portfolio Management
Equity Office

Daniel Fishbein

Dan Fishbein
Director – Global Real Estate

Matt Gabree

Matthew Gabree
Sr. Director of Global Office Experience


Duncan Gilkey
SVP – Asset Mgmt
The Davis Companies


Reed Gilbert
Head of Real Estate & Workplace Services

Jim Grady

James Grady
Senior Director of Leasing
Synergy Investments


Jim Halliday
Managing Director
NB Development Group

Gary Keene

Gary Keene
Manager – A/V

Brian Klansky

Brian Klansky
Regional Director
View | Dynamic Glass

Chad Lundeen

Chad Lundeen
Global Real Estate Manager & Direct to Consumer Global Retail Platform and Innovation Leader

Brian Lynch 240x240

Brian Lynch
VP of Corporate Strategy

Doug Manz

Doug Manz
Director – Development
The HYM Investment Group

Jason McCann

Jason McCann
President & CEO

John Moran

John Moran
Real Estate Project Executive Lead, East & Central US and Latin America

Ken Papa

Ken Papa
Director – Global Real Estate and Facilities

Mike Petrusky

Mike Petrusky
Director of Events & Growth Marketing

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips
Jamestown Properties


Melissa Reinke
Workplace Experience Leader
General Electric

Deke Schultze

Deke Schultze
Principal & Regional Director New England
Rubenstein Partners

Marc Surprenant

Marc Suprenant
Facilities Planning Director U.S. Corporate Real Estate
John Hancock

Adam Subber

Adam Subber
Managing Principal


Kathleen Terjensen
Head, Global Business Services

Shannon Watson

Shannon Watson
HR Generalist
Starry Inc.


Marci Yaffa
Director, HR Busines Partner
The Hartford

SITE TOUR: Boston’s Innovation & Design Building

RETHINK is excited to offer an exclusive site tour to one of Boston’s most exciting new office buildings, The Innovation and Design Building. Don’t miss your opportunity to get exclusive look into what many companies are calling the most exciting office space the city has ever seen!
Key takeaways:

  • • Get a first hand look at why some of the region most innovative companies like Reebok, Autodesk, and Flextronics set up shop there
  • • Discover some of the most exciting work amenities all under one roof
  • • Transportation provided to the location

The Innovation and Design Building located in Boston’s Seaport District is home to some of the most pioneering and innovative companies in the region including Reebok, Autodesk and Flextronics. Designed to fulfill the workspace needs of today’s talent, see first hand the various aspects that have drawn these companies to lease office space in this building.


Key takeaways:

  • • Design aspects that appeal to today’s workforce
  • • Which amenities are making the most impact
  • • Mixed-use, space activation that’s made this building more than an office


7:30 AM

Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Registration, Networking Breakfast & Exhibit Hall Opens

8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

8:35 AM

Sponsor presentation – IOffice

8:45 AM

A Work Utopia: The Future of Office Space, Occupier Needs and Talent Demands

Never before has the dynamic of work changed so rapidly. As technologies and the needs of employees evolve, workplace occupiers and forward thinking landlords need to come together in order to create an environment that allows a workforce to thrive. As occupiers see the workplace as a beacon to attract and retain top talent, landlords are also learning that traditional office space is no longer going to cut it. How can they these two parties learn from each other on how to truly create the ideal place to work?

  • • Get the Most from Your Talent: What is the most significant way that the physical environment can positively impact employee effectiveness, engagement, collaboration, and creativity – for all generations?
  • • One Size Does Not Fit All: What are the biggest lesson learned in implementing real estate/workplace solutions that provide flexibility as well as mobility for multiple types of work and workers?
  • • The Best of Both Worlds: The costs and benefits of work from anywhere vs. having everyone at the office
  • • The Tools to Succeed: How can technology effectively make and measure a “productive” workforce?


Jason McCann, President & CEO, VARIDESK


  • Matthew Gabree, Sr. Director of Global Office Experience, TripAdvisor
  • Reed Gilbert, Head of Real Estate & Workplace Services, Wayfair
  • John Moran, Real Estate Project Executive Lead, East & Central US and Latin America, Google
  • Michael Phillips, President, Jamestown Properties
  • Stephen Rizzo, Founder, Better Spaces
  • Adam Subber, Managing Principal, Cresa

9:30 AM

The Secret to Their Success: Amenities that will Bring the Most Out of Your Employees

As the pressure to attract and retain talent intensifies, companies are turning to amenities and high-end services in their workspaces more than ever to make their offices more attractive to today’s high-demand employees. However, Workplace Strategist are slowly learning that having every amenities does not entirely ensure a productive workforce. So how do you truly measure an amenities ROI? While occupiers figure things out, landlords also need to assess what amenities should be included to attract the most desired tenants.

  • • Creature Comforts: What amenities will keep your employees in the office?
  • • Healthy Wealthy and Wise: What office designs create happier and healthy workforces?
  • • A True ROI: How can you measure a productive amenity?
  • • Location, Location, Location: Where do employees want to work?
  • • Getting the Most From Your Asset: What does the landlord need to provide to keep tenants?
  • •  Avoid Pitfalls: What amenities should occupiers avoid?


Brian Klansky, Regional Director, View | Dynamic Glass


  • Erica Chapman, Vice President of Global Real Estate + Workplace Productivity, Akamai Technologies
  • Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and Co-founder, Mass Innovation Labs
  • Dan Fishbein, Director Global Workplace, CIT
  • Kenneth Papa, Director, Global Real Estate and Facilities, HubSpot
  • Melissa Reinke, Workplace Experience Leader, GE
  • Rob Claus, VP of Marketing, Cambridge Sound Management eo.

10:10 AM

Networking Break

10:35 AM

A Productive Blueprint: The Future of Office Design

Creating a people-centric workplace is not easy. When you’re dealing with thousands of employees, multiple business silos, varying work styles and millions of square feet of workspace the task can seem almost impossible. However, companies see the importance of investing in their greatest asset and are developing innovative strategies and change management process that will allow them to implement the right office design on a large scale. What techniques, technologies and design formats are tenants and forward thinking owners using to overcome their biggest challenges?

  • • The Ultimate Loyalty Program: Creating workplaces that celebrate brand and culture
  • • How to find the right balance between collaboration and privacy
  • • Checking in: Success and Failures of “Hoteling” in the office
  • •The Numbers Don’t Lie: How Data analytics tools will help tenants determine current and future office real estate needs more precisely
  • • Their Opinion Matters: How employee feedback matters to any future office design strategy?


  • Jim Halliday, Managing Director, New Balance (NB) Development Group
  • Doug Manz, Partner, Director of Development, The HYM Investment Group
  • Marc Surprenant, Facilities Planning Director, U.S. Corporate Real Estate, John Hancock
  • Kathleen Terjesen, Head of Global Business Services, Bose
  • Kimberly Bombery Smith, Senior Director Workplace Strategy, Knoll
  • Jason McCann, President & CEO, VARIDESK

11:20 AM

Ask This Old Office: Getting the Most out of Old Office Product

As companies and employees relocate back to the city, Boston is currently experiencing a new office building boom the likes of which the city has never seen. New, smart and efficient office properties are popping up in exciting new neighborhoods such as the seaport, Cambridge North Point, Bulfinch and Fenway. But what about all the existing product that’s on the market. Boston is flooded with pre-1990 office space. How can landlords and tenants work together to bring the most out these spaces? What are some of the nontraditional tactics landlords are doing to make these offices more desirable to prospective corporate occupiers?

  • • Out with the Old: What limitations and benefits do owners see in renovation vs new build
  • • Stand Out in the Crowd: How Can old properties compete vs newly constructed office space?
  • • Having a Digital Masterplan: How to plan your building around technology and not the other way around?
  • • Being Flexible: How changing your lease terms can give your space a competitive advantage
  • • Coexisting Relationship: How working together with Coworking companies maybe the right way to go
  • • What About Amenities?. How do you accommodate that in renovation project?
  • John Conley, SVP Portfolio Management, Equity Office
  • Duncan Gilkey, Senior Vice President, Asset Mgmt, The Davis Companies
  • James Grady, Senior Director of Leasing, Synergy Investments
  • Deke Schultze, Principal & Regional Director New England, ‎Rubenstein Partners

11:55 AM

Change Is Good: How Change Management is Redefining the Workplace

Change management has become the new buzzword. To drive innovation and attract and retain top talent, companies are seeking creative workplace solutions that offer a variety of amenities and the latest technology. Of course, open offices also continue to be a popular choice due to the cost savings of a reduced footprint and with rents in the Boston area on the rise, that fuels the movement from traditional workplaces into more open, collaborative spaces. However, while the office of the future is a reality today, many employees are anxious about change, and some aren’t ready to give up their privacy.

  • • Engage With Your Employees: How to efficiently learn from what employees tell you?
  • • One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All: How to create an office space with multiple departments and cultures?
  • • Working Together: How can HR, technology and facilities executives create a successful change management process?
  • Tara Carcillo, Chief Executive Officer, The Clearing
  • John Civello, Vice President Corporate Real Estate and Workplace, PTC
  • Chad Lundeen, Global Real Estate Manager & Direct to Consumer Global Retail Platform and Innovation Leader, Sonos
  • Shannon Watson, HR Generalist, Starry Inc.
  • Marci Yaffa, Director, HR Busines Partner, The Hartford

12:25 PM

Closing Remarks & Conclusion of Conference

12:35 PM

Departure for Innovation & Design Building Site Tour – Hosted by Jamestown Properties:


RETHINK Office of the Future Summit: Boston

Conference Production:

John Ward

(646) 755-3164

Sponsorship & Exhibiting:

Amber Collins

(646) 783-3937


The sponsors of RETHINK Office not only make this conference possible, but they are among the most forward thinking organizations in the industry.

Interested in sponsoring the next conference? Contact Amber Collins at (646) 783-3937 or

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