Karen Gill

Karen Gill
Vice President Workplace Strategy
Fidelity Investments

Karen R. Gill is the Vice President of Global Workplace Strategy and The Change Management Program Manager for Fidelity Investment’s, headquartered in Boston, Ma.

Karen embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and focuses on understanding the business, empowering teams and creating new ways to engage employeesin purposeful experiences while in the workplace. Her goal always includes demonstrating value through innovation and considers both the physical and virtual world.

Karen has adiverse background. Previously, Karen led the worldwide strategy and change program for Hewlett Packard/HPE and other global organizations. She also managed agile launch teams for technology and furniture product lines, bringing products to market 25% faster. And having been an educator for K-University students, she proudly boasts that ‘all she really needs to know, she learned in kindergarten’!

Having also lived and worked for over 10 years in Asia Pacific, she enjoys harnessing the unique cultures of an organization to bring about transformational change. She likes listening to various points of view, participating in candid debate, and understanding the “why” for the workplace.

Karen likes to make work fun! “You’ll hit some home runs and strike out a bunch too, which is the nature of entrepreneurial innovation”.